• In order to bill insurance on behalf of our patients we require they produce the insurance policy and id/certificate numbers prior to or on the date of their dental visit.
  • Patients should read and get familiar with their insurance policy
  • Recall exam/hygiene frequency can change without notice or without the insurance company informing their clients. This sometimes results in an unexpected charge to the patient.
  • Be informed on annual and family maximums
  • Preauthorization's typically only go to the patient and we are available to decode the "language" to clarify coverage if the patient brings the preauth in to the office
  • New patient exams in most cases are covered only every 3 years so keep that in mind if you are transferring over from another office. This is also the case typically with Pan X-rays (often associated with wisdom teeth or orthodontics).
  • Fluoride is not always a covered procedure, please investigate your plan to know if this is a covered cost or not.
  • Patients should be aware of the percentage of coverage for Basic procedures (exams, fillings, cleanings, x-rays) as well as Major Procedures (crowns, bridges, implants).

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