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  • Each of our dental hygienists has their own “flag” color, so if you want to be booked with the same hygienist each time you come in, we can flag your file accordingly. Alternatively, you can see whoever is available and most able to accommodate your preferred appointment day and time.
  • You can sign up to receive both appointments reminders and reminders about when you are due for your next visit by text message, email or both. Just let us know which method you prefer and we will update your file. Most patients these days find these methods far easier and far more effective than phone calls and voicemails.

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  • If you are a New Patient coming to our office you can print off the “consent to release x-rays” form and send it to your previous dental office. This way we will hopefully have any recent, pertinent x-rays already here when we see you. Alternatively we can assist you with this process, just contact us for assistance.

Post Operative Instructions